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ACAC ignites certainty at 2008 Conference

October 27, 2008
By Maria DiDanieli


October 26, 2008 – Banff,
Alberta – The Alberta College and Association
of Chiropractors (ACAC) has wrapped up their 2008 conference at the Rimrock
Hotel in Banff, Alberta.

Speakers at
the conference included the well-known Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Canadian
Chiropractic Protective Association chief operating officer, Dr. Greg Dunn, and
financial management team, William and Bruce Mahon.

In keeping
with the theme of the conference – igniting certainty through credibility and
purpose – Dr. Gentempo spoke to attendees about a vision for the second century
of chiropractic.  Gentempo, who provided
a challenging but rewarding program that spanned all of Saturday, commented on
the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic, as these are perceived, both
by chiropractors, and those outside of the profession.  He explored the dynamics and power of working
with a clear purpose.  To help attendees
achieve this purpose, Gentempo defined those foundations of which all chiropractors
are 100 per percent certain, encouraging DCs to use these certainties to bring
clarity and focus to their practice.  Solutions
for those credibility challenges which face chiropractic were also presented.

Gentempo entreated
DCs to recall that “you do not need new patients – new patients need you.”  This, he concluded, will ensure that DCs remain
purpose-driven, and this purpose will lead to successful practice, as well as
growth of the profession in the future.

Dr. Greg
Dunn began the program on Sunday morning with a practical and informative
discussion meant to empower chiropractors for meeting challenges currently
facing the profession, especially with respect to the perceived link between
chiropractic manipulation and stroke. 
Dunn equipped DCs with clear and accurate knowledge and advice –
representing a shift in current thinking from CAUSATION to RECOGNITION –  regarding how to navigate these patient
situations in practice.

William and
Bruce Mahon finished the program with a discussion geared at optimization in financial
management for chiropractors as well as the purpose and value of a professional

A trade
show was also available for the over 200 attendees at the conference.

If the
purpose of the weekend was for the ACAC to bring together chiropractors from Alberta, as well as
other provinces, in a milieu that was respectful, open, constructive and
enjoyable, then it can, without a doubt, be said that the conference was a
resounding success!