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Back pain relief

October 1, 2013
By Canadian Chiropractor staff


vacupractorThe VacuPractor is a solution that works in minutes to relieve back pain by comfortably decompressing the spine and gently stretching the surrounding muscles.

This lightweight (1.6 lbs) mobile and easy-to-use device is the ultimate
solution, with efficacy in lumbar decompression. Supporters of The
VacuPractor includes world-class athletes, firefighters, police offers
and military personnel, according to the product's proponents. Treatment
benefits include: increasing the clearances between the vertebrae for
better nerve function; stretching the muscles in spasm reducing or
eliminating the need for muscle relaxing medications; reversing or
slowing the onset of lower spinal problems; ability to perform hobbies
and daily tasks that require lower back usage. The product may also be
used with a clinician.