Building an environmentally friendly wellness centre
As the calendar year winds down, chiropractic practices often begin to wind down for the holiday season as well.
Can coaches help?? After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” Nelson Mandela could well have been speaking to the graduating class at any chiropractic school, when he uttered these words.  For, after years of grueling studies, the new graduate embarks on the road to, hopefully, a successful career – most begin this journey by opening a practice.  And, within the first five years, many find themselves disillusioned with respect to their work, or just not able to build the business that must sustain their careers – and families – for years to come.
Imagine, for a moment, being able to look into a crystal ball and determine, with relative accuracy, the likelihood of whether your practice was going to dominate your geographic area and niche or fall prey to competition. I’m sure you’d agree, that would be a pretty valuable crystal ball.  Well, even though no such ball exists, we do have a set of simple, yet rarely understood tools, that give us a similar level of foresight into your practice’s future.
What you need to know Recently, there have been questions asked – and some problems arising – with respect to purchasing chiropractic adjusting tables from manufacturers and/or distributors in the United States and, subsequently, having those tables delivered into Canada. The problem seems to stem from whether or not the tables have proper approval and licensing, as medical devices, with Health Canada, and has resulted in these expensive, and necessary, purchases becoming stuck at the U.S./Canada border.
For practitioners today it comes as no shock, that not only is health care changing, but chiropractic needs to undergo a dramatic paradigm shift in the way we treat and progress patients through care.  In the past, manipulation, alone or supported with other passive therapies, was considered the standard of care. With today’s evidence and current literature, we are finding out that active care, with patients more involved in their treatment plan, typically will support the best outcomes.
As of February 1, 2008, enrolment in Health Care for Auto Insurance (HCAI) is mandatory for all health facilities, in Ontario, that do business with auto insurers.  This means chiropractors, too.
As an entrepreneur, one must learn to distinguish between smart business and good business. Running a smart business means accepting that one’s time is finite and that one’s expertise doesn’t cover everything. It becomes false economy, then, to try to handle all aspects of a business in-house.
I routinely receive inquiries from chiropractors who are planning to open a new practice, or purchase a new practice together, with the intention of operating as a “partnership”. Most readers have heard the terms “partnership” and “cost-sharing”, but some may not appreciate that there are significant differences between the two – potentially costly differences that are preventable.
Powerful interest groups lobbied for changes in Ontario
No matter how individual DCs perceive and practise chiropractic, all are subject to the currents of thought moving through the collective national consciousness.
The martial arts as a metaphor for living.
Too often in life, unexpected events pop up and bite us in the, er, behind.  With luck, harm can sometimes be averted if the threat is first spotted in our field of vision.
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