In part 2, we will address two issues relating to maintaining: i) communication of our care within the chiropractic scope of practice, and ii) safety.
An individual presents to your office complaining of anterior shoulder pain.
In part 1 of this article, the author discussed the technical profile of class IV laser therapy and introduced ideas for incorporating this technology into the chiropractic clinic.
DCs have been adjusting children since chiropractic’s inception and have met with tremendous cause to share anecdotes of success and incidences of miracle cases.
A chiropractic wellness patient presents to the clinic for his regularly scheduled maintenance adjustment.
Sample Case: A 35-year-old female presents to the office with her two children.
Over the past 20 years, technology has had a profound impact on the chiropractic profession. Among emerging technologies, therapeutic lasers are increasingly taking a more prominent position in treatment of chronic back and neck pain, lower back pain, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal conditions.
A 35-year-old male magazine editor presents to the clinic with neck discomfort.
In our last edition of Technique Toolbox, we began with a sample case about a 40-year-old carpenter who presented with headaches and low back pain and on whom leg length analysis was performed resulting in ipsilateral contracture upon turning the head to the right and left. 
Sample Case A 40-year-old carpenter presents to the clinic with headaches and low back pain. He informs the doctor that his occupation requires him to work overhead for most of the day, which aggravates his symptoms. The physical exam reveals a decreased range of motion in cervical flexion and in lumbar extension, both of which produce pain at end range. Static and motion palpation reveal subluxations present bilaterally at the occiput, and in the right sacro-iliac joint. The doctor, who is proficient in The Complete Thompson Technique-Minardi Integrated Systems, decides to perform leg length analysis to elaborate on his palpation findings. The doctor finds that the patient presents with even legs in the extended position and even legs in the flexed position. However, when the doctor asks the patient to rotate his head to the right side, the doctor observes that the patient’s right leg pulls short in the extended position. Furthermore, when the doctor asks the patient to rotate his head to the left, the patient’s left leg pulls short. Both radiological and neurological analyses are unremarkable.
SAMPLE CASEA 30-year-old male office worker presents to the clinic with neck stiffness. He informs the doctor that the problem started approximately three years ago when he began his current job.
July 22, Toronto, Ont. – Canadian medical device manufacturer Saringer Life Science Technologies was at the Practice OpportUNITY 2011 held by CMCC on March 24 demonstrating its pain treatment device ICE-O-therm.
A 35-year-old construction worker enters the clinic complaining of low back pain.
July 13, Solon, OH – Multi Radiance Medical, an international laser therapy company, is pleased to announce that Health Canada has approved the MR4 laser therapy devices for use in Canada.
A doctor of chiropractic can potentially be found in a variety of clinical settings. Within these settings, patients may present with concerns ranging from low back pain, to musculoskeletal injuries, to overall health and wellness concerns.

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