Do you have patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, myocardial dysfunction, low energy . . . or who simply complain they just feel like they are “out of gas”?
Sample Case: A 25-year-old female presents to the office with her three-month-old daughter.
Historically, anatomical education for manual medical practitioners has focused on muscles, bones and nerves, thus defining our role as “neuromusculoskeletal” specialists.
"I was about to graduate university in France; I was athletic, having taught skiing at Mont Tremblant, sailing and windsurfing in four Club Meds; I was a fashion model in Old Montreal. I couldn’t believe that this injury was permanent – I had so much going for me.”
SAMPLE CASE: A 40-year-old office worker presents to the clinic with headaches, back pain, and the occasional shooting pain into the right buttock.
A 30-year-old male computer programmer presents to the clinic with low back pain. He informs the doctor that the pain is usually dull, but can be sharp with certain movements. He also notifies the doctor that the problem began approximately four years ago, when he began lifting heavier weights in his exercise regime and felt a sharp pain while performing squats.
During the last decade, acupuncture has become the most popular of the complementary medicine modalities worldwide, despite the attacks of detractors who maintain that it is “scientifically unclear” whether acupuncture is better than a placebo for the treatment of pain.
SAMPLE CASE A 35-year-old male army cadet presents to the clinic with neck pain and stiffness. The patient notifies the doctor that the neck pain began following enrolment into the armed service, and has progressively worsened over the past five years. The patient also notifies the doctor that his neck movement is extremely limited and that he feels as though he is actively forcing his neck to move in certain positions. The patient also mentions that he has taken a variety of pain medications over the years. These temporarily alleviate the symptoms but they return when the medication wears off.
There is a great deal of diversity in our profession. Diversity is a good thing. It gives rise to different ways of thinking and unique perspectives that could result in much-needed change in certain areas of our profession.
A 21-year-old female dancer presents to the clinic with neck pain following a strenuous rehearsal. Physical examination reveals a decrease in cervical flexion, and a palpable subluxation present at C3-C4 on the left.
In the aftermath of a brutal 2008, and a sharp recovery in 2009, many investors wonder when their investment portfolio will recover lost ground.
A special thank-you goes to Dr. Jay Grossman of Toronto, Ontario, for his contribution to this article.
A few months ago, a husband and wife presented to the clinic with headaches and back pain respectively. Following a six-week regime of chiropractic adjustments to correct for subluxations that were detected upon examination, both husband and wife became pain-free.
July 28, Minneapolis, MN – Chiropractor and author, Dr. Michael Flanagan announces the publication of his book titled The Downside of Upright Posture: The Anatomical Causes of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis,(Two Harbours Press), a culmination of two decades of work.
A special thank-you goes to Dr. James Chestnut of Victoria, B.C., for his contribution to this article.

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