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Electro-Acupuncture Motor Point Clinical Treatment Workshop

From Saturday 29 April 2017
To Sunday 30 April 2017
Electro-Acupuncture Motor Point Clinical Treatment Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi

Date: April 29 & 30, 2017

Where: Hamilton, ON, CANADA (conference center to be named later)

•The cost of the course is $879 CDN.
•Only 18 seats will be available in total.

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•70+ motor points to be taught (most muscles have more than one motor point):

•Masseter •SCM •Lateral Pterygoid
•Semispinalis Cervicis •Levator Scapula
•Trapezius (Upper. Middle, Lower) •Rhomboid
•Longissimus Thoracis •Teres Minor
•Supraspinatus •Infraspinatus
•Deltoid •Teres Major •Triceps •Biceps •Brachialis •Brachioradialis •Supinator
•Pronator Teres •Anconeus •Pectoralis Major •Rectus Abdominus •External Oblique •Internal Oblique •Transverse Abdominus •Latissimus Dorsi •Gluteus Maximus •Gluteus Minimus •Gluteus Medius •TFL •Rectus Femoris •Vastus Lateralis •Vastus Medialis •Erector Spinae •Long/Short Head of Bicep Femoris •Semitendonosis •Semimembranosus •Peroneous Longus •Tibialis Anterior •Tibialis Posterior •Gastrocnemis

Plus newly added motor points:

•Quadratus Lumborum
•Extensor Indicis & Digitorum
•Extensor & Abductor of Thumb

The course will also cover the following advanced needling concepts:

•in line technique
•scar threading
•autonomic needling
•cutaneous nerve

•Includes integration of concepts by practicing on REAL LIVE PATIENTS of all ages.

•You will have hands on experience by using 40-50 different LIVE PATIENT bodies - EACH. This, in addition to practicing on your peers.


Electro-Acupuncture Motor Point Clinical Treatment Course to be held April 29-30, 2017 in Hamilton, ON, CANADA

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