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Activating the brain

Excerpt from Dr. Ted Carrick's presentation on functional neurology and his work on patients with brain dysfunctions

September 21, 2017
By Mari-Len De

Dr. Ted Carrick was a speaker at Life West's The Wave conference in August

Dr. Ted Carrick, professor of clinical neurology and founder of Carrick Institute, was a speaker at this year’s Life West Wave Conference in San Francisco. He discusses the potential of chiropractic care in managing brain dysfunction. The video shows an excerpt from his presentation.

Carrick specializes in functional neurology and in non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatment of brain injuries and dysfunctions. Canadian hockey star Sidney Crosby credits Carrick for helping manage his severe post-concussion syndrome, enabling him to get back on the ice.

Carrick sat down for an interview with Canadian Chiropractor. Look for the story in the October 2017 issue.