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Introducing the enVy pillow!

February 21, 2013
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Feb. 8, Oakville, Ont. – The enVy pillow, designed by
RNs, Kim Renton and Kathy Young Keef, provides the correct head support, neck
support and spinal support for optimal alignment during sleep.

anti-aging/wellness pillow was developed to address the three most important
things we all need during our 6-8 hours of sleep.


1) This
therapeutic pillow is a chiropractic-endorsed pillow that provides the correct
head support, neck support and spinal support for optimal alignment.


2) The
revolutionary ergonomic and patented design minimizes face-to-pillow contact,
maximizes the results of any anti-aging treatment and reduces sleep lines (also
known as sleep wrinkles) that we wake up to in the morning.


3) This
advanced memory foam pillow provides the comfort you need for a sound and
restful sleep with very little tossing and turning. It's a premium pillow that
you will love if you suffer from neck pain, have had plastic surgery, or simply
need a restful sleep, night after night.


You can
even take your enVy pillow with you when you travel – it rolls up and easily
tucks into your suitcase.


and Keef note, “We originally designed enVy as a post-operative pillow for
plastic surgeons to offer their clients after face lifts and other facial
surgeries (sleep line reduction was icing on the cake). Before long the appeal
of enVy expanded beyond a need to keep face-lift clients off their delicate
tissue while sleeping. enVy‘s ability to keep the sleeper off their faces and
in optimal spinal alignment is now being recognized and recommended by
dermatologist, chiropractors, physiotherapists, dentists and sleep specialists.


For more
information on the enVy pillow, or to purchase one, please visit


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