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Life University sponsors Supra-Segmental, 2009

June 12, 2009
By Maria DiDanieli


June 12, Marietta, GA
–  Faculty and students of Life
University are proud to
announce “Supra-Segmental, 2009”, the first ever chiropractic brain symposium.

This symposium is scheduled from July 24-26, at the
Life University Campus, and will feature chiropractic neurologists, as well as
prominent researchers in this area, and distinguished vendors of chiropractic

The idea for this symposium was conceived by Matt
Antonucci, student and vice president of the Life Neurology Club.  Faculty
and other students embraced his vision and came together to develop an
impressive roster of speakers for the event. 

Says Antonucci, “The focus of this one-of-a-kind weekend will be to get
back to the roots of chiropractic with the use of current technology.” 

He adds, “You will be watching live lectures from
such prestigious speakers as Dr. Ted Carrick, Dr. Richard Barwell, Dr. Marc
Pick, Dr. Wally Schmitt, Dr. Robert Melillo, Dr. John Donofrio, and many more.”

Scheculed topics include chiropractic-specific neuroanatomy, childhood
neurodevelopmental disorders and posture correction. “Question and Answer”
sessions have also been included to allow attendees to address a wide variety
of issues. 

Antonucci adds, “This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss, and an
opportunity for you to introduce your friends and peers to chiropractic
neurology, taught by the experts in the field.”

For more information on the symposium, or to register, please go to and wait for the banner
appear on your screen.