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Criminal probe of opioid manufacturersApril 16, 2018Is business slow? Increase your volume with these tipsApril 9, 2018Incorporating neuroreality into your practiceApril 2, 2018Why doesn’t Canada have a national pain strategy?March 26, 2018Portable imaging for concussion diagnosis; Biopsychosocial aspect of painMarch 19, 2018Helmets reduce risk of cervical spine injury | Insurers getting into care, is it good for patients?March 12, 2018Health care innovations from pilot to practice | New guidelines for treating opioid addictionMarch 5, 2018Officials turn to acupuncture as opioid alternative | Business case for accessibilityFebruary 26, 2018Medical pot option on group benefits | Guideline urges docs to think twice before prescribing marijuanaFebruary 20, 201810 heart health facts women should know | Treating depression may curb opioid dependence | Town doctorsFebruary 12, 2018Marijuana labeling; Tissue engineering for less invasive bone procedures; Making associate agreements workFebruary 5, 2018Chiropractic care for scoliosis | How Bill 148 can affect your practiceJanuary 29, 2018Key to preventing back pain in runners | Weight loss linked to pain reductionJanuary 22, 2018Study on needle use in spinal tap procedure | Pain advocate calls for services beyond just opioidsJanuary 15, 2018Muscle paralysis may hasten bone loss | Opioid deaths to hit 4000 in 2017 | Opioid in vending machinesJanuary 8, 20182017 Newsmakers: The year’s top stories on Canadian ChiropractorJanuary 2, 2018Smokers in military at risk for MSK injury | Survey on evidence-informed practice coming in JanuaryDecember 18, 20172018 health care trends | Specialist wait times up in Canada | Making collaborative care happenDecember 11, 2017Q&A with Dr. Bennet Omalu | Putting shoe orthotics to the test | Register for webinar with Dr. Ted CarrickDecember 4, 2017Motorcycle crash injuries more costly; The high road; No CTE link in concussion, CFL commissioner saysNovember 27, 2017Health groups want opioid alternatives; U.S. cracks down on risky stem cell offeringsNovember 20, 2017242 billion health spending forecast; Cannabis-focused research centre; No difference between opioid, non-opioid for pain reliefNovember 13, 2017Task force to end B.C.’s health plan premiums; Paralyzed patient regains motor function, study saysNovember 6, 2017Exercise guide for people with spinal cord injuries; Brain changes persist months after concussionOctober 30, 2017Patients overestimate pain; Training future health practitioners on Indigenous careOctober 23, 2017Electronic health record error; Restoring movement after paralysis; Bananas for healthy arteriesOctober 16, 2017Interview with Dr. Ted Carrick; Building successful multidiscipline clinic; Heartbreaking hockeyOctober 10, 2017Diagnosing CTE in life; Money in your practice; Build a thriving referral practiceOctober 2, 2017Investigating effects of adjustment on the brain; Activating the brain; Body clock, gut bacteria linked to weight gainSeptember 25, 2017Electric stimulation improves function in paralyzed patients; 2800 deaths linked to opioid; Clinical guideline for evaluating neck massSeptember 18, 2017Opioid guidelines conflict of interest; PM says no to drug decriminalization; Back pain webinar is in two daysSeptember 11, 2017Orthotics plus chiropractic for back pain; Study looks at garlic effect on hypertension; Montreal scientists pursue ‘open science’September 5, 2017Highlights from 2017 Chiro Survey; Wearable tech prevents low-back pain; Essentials of good record-keepingAugust 28, 2017Hamstring injuries explained; Athletes mull over changes to doping landscape with weed legalizationAugust 21, 2017Bill 87 could impact patient care; Ontario launches online wait times tool; Working with the back-pained patientAugust 14, 2017B.C. drug deaths up 88 per cent from last year | Back to Basics chiropractic campaign | Clean your water bottleAugust 8, 2017Non-LCD screens help reduce PCS symptoms | Toronto’s opioid crisis wakeup call | Baby boomers least likely to adopt digital health techJuly 31, 2017UNB welcomes new chiropractic research chair | West Nile warning in Saskatchewan | CTE found in deceased CFL player’s brainJuly 24, 2017Docs call for better access to non-opioid alternatives | Manitoba survey on marijuana | Parent-doctor communicationJuly 17, 20176 risks to healthy retirement; New app rewards healthy behaviour; A century of growth in AlbertaJuly 10, 2017Benefits of employee departure | Canadians leaving country for medical treatment | Effects of light on migraine sufferersJuly 4, 2017Yoga vs. physical therapy for low back pain | Cancer Society predicts 1 in 2 Canadians will get cancerJune 26, 2017Doctor inventor | Opioid abuse after surgery | All the fuss about exogenous ketonesJune 19, 2017Latest data on opioid deaths; Chiropractic in pro sports; Holistic approach to multidisciplinary practiceJune 12, 2017Manitoba cuts funding for chiropractic services | Have you taken the Canadian Chiropractor survey yet? | Trudeau on opioid crisisJune 5, 2017Canadian Chiropractor Practice Trends Survey | PEMF study on osteoarthritis | Health care integration needed in AlbertaMay 29, 2017Ancient fossil reveals origins of human spine | Fentanyl overdoses rise in Alberta | New health care wait times studyMay 23, 2017Alberta chiropractic’s centennial | Myodural Bridge in the upper cervical spine | Personal injury 101 for health care providersMay 15, 20178 in 10 Canadians use alternative medicine | Detecting signs of skin cancer in patients | Roots of opioid crisisMay 1, 2017JAMA report on spinal manipulation | Rehab therapy? There’s an app for that | Mayors call for national standard on overdose dataApril 24, 2017JAMA report on spinal manipulation | Rehab therapy? There’s an app for that | Mayors call for national standard on overdose dataApril 17, 2017Bone loss linked to unhealthy sleeping habits | Feds eye changes to natural health products rule | Prescription rightsApril 10, 2017Chiropractors’ role in addressing opioid crisis | Tuning out pain | Research to referralsApril 3, 2017Obesity may lower pain threshold; Research review on stability balls; Alberta chiropractic marks 100 yearsMarch 27, 2017Spinal injury patients face many health problems | Nova Scotia increase mental health services | Canadian scientists join Zika researchMarch 20, 2017Study on rearfoot strike runners | Ice fishing risk of MSK injuries | Yogurt for depressionMarch 13, 2017Alberta doctor regulator’s new opioid-prescribing rules | How to use LinkedIn to boost profile | Tattoo artist’s job a pain in the neckMarch 6, 2017Strength, speed affect knee osteoarthritis | Too much tech impedes patient careFebruary 27, 2017Clinical guideline on non-drug treatment for low back pain | Some topical analgesics may cause burns | B.C., Ottawa health agreementFebruary 21, 2017CCGI launches patient exercise videos | DCs urge chiropractic first for back pain | Sugary drink consumption studyFebruary 13, 2017CCA backs new opioid prescribing guidelines | Catching the elusive patient referral | Partners in healthFebruary 6, 2017Using MRI to study TENS effect on brain | Balanced practice | Top Canadian athletes on chiropractic careJanuary 30, 2017Move health research to community | Band-Aids just don’t cut it | Exercise can slow aging process in seniorsJanuary 23, 2017Five steps to hiring the best staff | The good, bad and unknown about medical marijuana | Chiros give kids a sporting chanceJanuary 16, 2017Shoulder pain linked to heart disease risk; Exercise may help manage celiac disease; Light exercise after concussionJanuary 9, 2017Backtrack: Top stories of 2016January 2, 2017Tech trends of 2017 | Update from the guidelines front | Making health care accessibleDecember 19, 2016Chiropractic first | Non-drug options for dizziness reviewed | Where chiropractic might be headedDecember 12, 2016Health Canada’s restricts fentanyl ingredient | Chiropractic for the four-legged kind | New study on post-concussion syndromeDecember 5, 2016Still using that same old Laser therapy system?November 29, 2016Space travel is backbreaking work | Bad habits are bad for arthritis | Nova Scotia docs probed for unusual opioid prescribingNovember 28, 2016Health practices hit by energy price slowdown | Feds fund research into antibiotic resistance | Work-life balanceNovember 21, 2016Time for national opioid strategy | Is Vitamin D deficiency overrated?November 14, 2016Making the chiropractic business case through big data | Educators discuss future of professionOctober 31, 2016Making the chiropractic business case through big data | Educators discuss future of professionOctober 24, 2016Conversation with Andre De Grasse | Exercising in anger may trigger heart attack | It’s Healthy Workplace MonthOctober 17, 2016Ontario asks privatization czar to review ehealth system | Global Burden of Disease cites rising cases of kidney disease | Don’t get ripped offOctober 11, 2016Testosterone effect on knee injury rates | Studies highlight importance of kids’ physical activity | Creating Canadian pain research agendaSeptember 26, 2016Toronto doctor launches concussion hotline; New labeling standards for acetaminophenSeptember 19, 2016Does chronic pain run in the family? Alberta college seeks feedback on draft opioid prescribing rules | Nominations open for OCA AwardsSeptember 12, 2016Link between anxiety, chronic pain | New Zika complication reportedSeptember 6, 2016Can protein shakes alone build muscle mass | Solving our pain problem | Lease renewal dos and don’tsAugust 29, 2016Better outcomes with team-based care | Ins and outs of buying a practice | B.C.’s failed health care experimentAugust 22, 2016Gender differences and risks of MSK | New treatment for low back pain | Validating clinical tests for lumbar instabilityAugust 15, 2016DCs living the Olympic dream | Researchers publish guidelines for managing spinal pain | Civil servants love to “sit-stand”August 8, 2016Evidence on acupuncture | B.C.’s opioid crisis | Why evidence-based practice is not always practicalAugust 2, 2016Survey says | New model predicts spinal surgery complications | Emergency room 911July 25, 2016‘Bionic’ knee brace gets military testing | Siblings’ common disease leads to medical discovery | Health accord debateJuly 18, 2016Report calls for review of new model for health accord | Youth and mental health | Young females at greater risk for ACL re-tearJuly 11, 2016CMCC expands collaborative efforts to Denmark | Time to shift from pain-based to wellness-based marketingJuly 4, 2016Scoliosis linked to disruptions in spinal fluid flow | Researchers cast doubt on Vitamin D supplementsJune 20, 2016Who wants to be a millionaire? | Mental health and patient privacy | Demise of the ‘associateship’ modelJune 13, 2016Chiros offer free care for homeless | Report on health care spending | Increasing your numbersJune 6, 2016Self-care yields better chronic pain outcome | Health maintenance care in work-related LBP | A look at magnesiumMay 30, 2016Spine IQ LBP registry gets approval | Exercise, more than diet, key to obesity preventionMay 24, 201610 things to consider about potential clinic space | A look at spinal disorders | Estate planningMay 16, 2016Mount Carmel success story | Why film x-rays are a thing of the past | 20 years in Canadian chiropractic historyMay 9, 2016Mount Carmel success story | Why film x-rays are a thing of the past | 20 years in Canadian chiropractic historyMay 9, 2016Shining light on chronic pain | A crisis of princely proportions | Business case for patient-centric franchiseMay 2, 2016Strength training lowers risk of mortality | Immune cells essential for tissue repair | Early bedtime is good for the heartApril 25, 2016B.C. declares public health emergency on fentanyl overdoses | Toronto chiropractor charged with insurance fraud | Vitamin D helps prevent cancerApril 18, 20165 things to look out for in professional office lease | Huge global exercise contest shows healthy potential | What you need to know about ZikaApril 16, 20165 things to look out for in professional office lease | Huge global exercise contest shows healthy potential | What you need to know about ZikaApril 11, 2016Vibration tech offers alternative to MRI | Patient-focused chronic disease research gets funding | Raise your social media hypeApril 4, 2016 Equipment leasing 101 | Surviving decades of full contact chiropractic | There’s no such thing as non-specific back pain (March 2016)True dangers of concussion, CTE misunderstood | Ontario health care system overhaul | Featuring some of Canada’s most inspiring DCs (March 2016)No such thing as ‘non-specific back pain’ | B.C. legislation changes to help seniors | Predictive tool aids concussion management (March 2016)EDS, rare diseases focus of planned clinic in Ontario | High levels of intense exercise may be unhealthy for the heart (March 2016)Meditation helps low-back pain | Stakeholders’ feedback on clinic regulation | Get your startup practice on the right track (February 2016)Wearable robotic for MS patients | Depression among injured workers | Minding the research-practice gap (February 2016)Chiropractic care not likely to cause stroke: study | .4M to combat prescription drug abuse | Outlook on chiropractic (February 2016)NFL players question team’s attitude on health | Changing athletes’ perception of concussion | 5 ways to increase social media engagement (February 2016)Mental health first aid training | Let’s talk about mental health | 7 tips to get your clinic blog up and running (February 2016)5 endangered communications skills you should master | Creating revenue through patient-centred care (January 2016)New tech promises less surgeries for scoliosis | Low vitamin D may increase risk of stress fractures (January 2016)10 tips for happier New Year | Bone fractures and chronic pain | Fast facts on shockwave therapy (January 2016)Death of timely health care in Canada | Is sitting the new smoking | Pay attention to your restroom (January 2016)YEAR-END REVIEW: The Top 5 stories on Canadian Chiropractor in 2015 (December 2015)New committee to examine youth concussions | Polling patients | Ontario’s first patient ombudsman (December 2015)DC takes on TV as Doctor Pain | Prepare your practice for the moment of truth | Provinces ill-prepared for aging population (December 2015)Ontario introduces concussion bill | Online reviews for chiropractic software | Supporting employee health (November 2015)Muscle loss among elderly | Canadian universities get ALS research funding for ALS | New concussion study (November 2015)CCO launches consultation on clinic regulation | Ontario worst place to get quick doctor appointment | Resistance training helps prevent MSDs (November 2015)Education key to health care collaboration | Saskatchewan legislation on private MRIs | Exercise helps reduce MSK pain, aid mobility in seniors (November 2015)New guidelines to enhance medical test accuracy | Dalhousie research shows promise for ALS patients | 10 steps to protect against insurance fraud (November 2015)Processed meat linked to cancers | brain receptors increase pain resilience | Twisted taping techniques (October 2015)Treatment, management options for foot conditions | Depression often goes unrecognized, says study | Class action for fractured him implant (October 2015)Manual therapy for midfoot pain | Why is health care absent in federal election debates | Dynamic braces for kids with scoliosis (October 2015)Your Canadian Chiropractor October 2015 digital edition is ready (October 2015)2015-09-28 (September 2015)Research on effects of standing to low back pain risk | Information therapy | Why running makes people happy (September 2015)Acupuncture benefits for hypertension | How money makes your world go round | Quality care through evidence-based practice (September 2015)Spinal arthritis patients at higher risk of stroke; Call for presentations on MSD; DCs offer take on laser therapy (August 2015)B.C. ramps up plan for new chiropractic school | Men more likely to die of opioid use | 11 factors that affect true value of practice (August 2015)The Pan Am experience | The public health risk of keeping up with the Kardashians | Four things everyone should know about autism (August 2015)Regulatory amendments target prescription drug abuse; Employers want better reporting on health benefits; Non-invasive therapy for spinal cord injury (August 2015)Research finds ways for better back pain management | Oxycodone prescribing down, but abuse death on rise | Health is more than body size (August 2015)Beet juice for exercise endurance | Building a reproducible practice | DC on ice (July 2015)Health Canada’s anti-drug abuse ads | Value of specialty designations | Strength training versus stretching (July 2015)DCs get their game on at Pan Am Games 2015 | NBA’s research agenda for injury prevention | You’re hired, you’re fired (July 2015)Do you know an exceptional chiropractor? | Surefire tips to optimize your website | Gender differences in pain processing (July 2015)Managing heat stress in layers | Feds deny report proposed trade deal would destabilize supply management (June 2015)Spinal cord stimulation outcomes | Back pain in younger men | Fostering lifelong care (June 2015)5 days left to register for Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum | Five steps to a happier business (June 2015)Forum focuses on practice success, sustainability | New clinician tool for managing risks for chronic pain | 5 myths about care for children (June 2015)Business Forum highlights practice building | Fibromyalgia origins | Concussion and brain changes (May 2015)Ontario’s LBP strategy to be discussed at Business Forum | Stem cell study for spinal cord injuries | Giving Ontarians bigger say in health care (May 2015)WHO helps Nepal quake victims with spinal cord injuries | Facts on facet | Lead patients to your clinic (May 2015)WHO helps Nepal quake victims with spinal cord injuries | Facts on facet | Lead patients to your clinic (May 2015)Chimpanzees may hold answers to back pain | Knuckle cracking explained | Do we really need you here? (May 2015)Chiropractic advocates urge good posture with use of digital devices | Health minister on Vancouver pot shops | High-tech care (April 2015)One week left to register for Vancouver Business Forum | Better health care for Ontarians | Chiropractic for pregnancy-related back pain (April 2015)2 weeks left to register for the Vancouver Business Forum | 3 steps to a more focused practice | Avoid perils of business disruptions (April 2015) M funding for naturopathic cancer treatment research | The aging spine | 3 weeks left to register for Business Forum (April 2015)CMCC offers mental health support for staff, faculty | New book on fascia (March 2015)CMCC offers mental health support for staff, faculty | New book on fascia (March 2015)Study finds low-risk of stroke after spinal manipulation | Vets turning to medical pot for chronic pain (March 2015)Eliminating MRI wait list | Rainbow plates for healthy eating | Managing patient complaints (March 2015)Saskatchewan’s long wait times for surgery | Thinking win-win | Business merger matters (March 2015)Keys to implementing EMR system | Deceased athlete donates brain to concussion research | Improving CES diagnosis (March 2015)Chiropractic boosts muscle function, prevent fatigue | Children’s use of alternative health care rising | Doctors tap fitness apps for patient care (February 2015)Five challenges for bending the health-care cost curve | Global perspectives on functional assessment | Wellness practice (February 2015)Top trends in chiropractic practice | Supreme Court makes historic ruling | Health cost increases expected to slow (February 2015)Canadian seniors face longer wait times for care | B.C. chiropractor’s whale spine display | 5 blogging tips for chiropractors (February 2015)Excessive sitting linked to chronic diseases | Preventative health-care | Concussions and the neck effect (January 2015)Patient-centred pain management | Mind your own business | World-class health care (January 2015)When concussions come knocking | Join the wellness revolution | Technology aims for large-scale chiropractic database (January 2015)Top trends in healthy eating for 2015 | Clinical primer on concussion | Consultation on chiropody, podiatry regulation (January 2015)CMCC, U of T sign collaboration deal | On-the-job resistance training combats MSD (December 2014)Vitamin D for chronic pain | Stressing out cancer cells | Concussion rising among Ontario youth (December 2014).3M for new low back pain strategy |  Canadians' vitamin D deficiency | 5 ways to manage life, practice in the holidays (December 2014)Trading speed for service | Canadian seniors leaving the city life | State of health care in Ontario (November 2014)Smoking leads to back pain | Judge rules on cancer treatment option for aboriginal girl | New research award launched (November 2014)Wickes outlines priorities as CMCC president | Why you need a succession plan (November 2014)Cervical spine therapy for concussion | 2014 health-care spending | Non-competion agreements (November 2014)Exploring sports chiropractic | The value of re-evaluation | 0K grant for research in veterans care (October 2014)Research on gender differences in injury, health risks | MSDs in decline; Developing brand champions (October 2014)Increasing access to spinal care | Mental health at work | WorkSafeBC consultation on plantar fasciitis (October 2014)Harmful behaviours linked to concussion | Creating revenue through patient-centred approach (October 2014)On-site chiropractic care equals lower health-care costs | Drugging seniors in nursing homes not a solution (September 2014)Effects of medicines on children | National consultation on health-care innovation | Nutrition intervention (September 2014)When sex is a pain in the back | High-dose opioid prescription rising | Anatomy of a start-up clinic (September 2014)Addressing sports concussion in youth | Burden of opportunity | Low-carb or low-fat? (September 2014)Stem cell helps patient with rare condition | Ice bucket challenge game changer for non-profit (September 2014)New report on concussion management | Feds want stronger warning labels on opioids | Patients turning into addicts (August 2014)Exploring risk management | ICA review of scientific studies highlights chiropractic safety | Treating athletes (August 2014)Veterinary chiropractic offers new practice opportunities | WHO declares Ebola spread international emergency | Practice excellence (August 2014)Delicate art of patient billing | Risk assessment for your practice | Recipe for practice success (August 2014)Acetaminophen no effect on back pain | Crowdsourcing for chiropractic outreach | Teen drug use on the rise (July 2014)Video explores world of veterinary chiropractic | Cost-benefit of early chiropractic intervention (July 2014)Putting a price tag on health care | How to raise your community profile | Winnipeg chiropractor is new WFC president (July 2014)Ottawa creates panel on health care innovation | B.C. funds researchers' business, science skills (June 2014)Most children’s medication not been adequately studied | Medical side of major sport events (June 2014)Forum gives chiropractors dose of business savvy | Study on arthritis sufferers (June 2014)Shining the spotlight on chiropractic heroes | Vitamin D helps manage chronic conditions | Power of incorporation (June 2014)Liberals, Conservatives make case for health care | Alberta focuses on wellness (June 2014)Canadian kids' lag behind global pack | Parker University takes care of business | Get your message to the masses (May 2014)Raise the chiropractic profile in your community | Study on wait times, female death rates | Drug-free pain relief (May 2014)CMCC has new college president | Chiropractor riding for youth mental health | Maximizing initial patient experience (May 2014)Alberta earmarks M for new family care clinics | Gender-sensitive lab rodents | Global children's nutrition drive (May 2014)ICA seeks Forbes apology | Chiropractors as primary spine care providers | Improve your practice visibility online (April 2014)Top tips for successful foreign practice | Health-care spend on the rise | Drug-free approach to pregnancy care (April 2014)Three mistakes to avoid in practice | Cash flow for success | Spotlight on chiropractic in the global scene (April 2014)Top tips for successful foreign practice | Health-care spend on the rise | Drug-free approach to pregnancy care (April 2014)Adjusting the world | Employee health gains from onsite chiropractic | Stem cell study shows promise (April 2014)Chiropractic care for managing ADHD symptoms | Study probes exercise for low back pain (March 2014)Chiropractic for aging population | New book on personalized health care approach (March 2014)Conditioned pain modulation study | Practice by design | Headband for migraines (March 2014)Study of ex-hockey players’ brains gets funding | M support for spinal cord research (March 2014)Federal funding for collaborative health care study | Participatory ergonomics | Disparities in cancer control (March 2014)Chiropractors offer newbies practice tips | Alberta town wants more doctors (February 2014)Chiropractors moving to mainstream | Global database for pain management | Investing in yourself (February 2014)DCs help Olympic athletes in Sochi | Improving workplace disability policies | Alberta seeks comments on health act (February 2014)Comparing Canadian, U.S. health care | Low patient uptake leads to unsuccessful trials | New exec at Parker Professional (February 2014)The pulse on laser | Taking injury treatment to new level | Restaurants roll out Informed Dining program (January 2014)Survey aims to close research-practice gap | Report on Canadian health-care experiences | New book on nutrition (January 2014)'Social movement' for chiropractors | Getting to the point | Systematic reviews on back pain (January 2014)Life to the fullest | Caring for children | Taking patient care beyond borders (January 2014)Embracing integrated health care | Implant helps motor skills | CCE gets 3-year nod (December 2013)Avoiding year-end tax trap | CMCC’s search for next president | Arm squeezing probes pain origin (December 2013)Antibiotic treatment for low-back pain | Alberta focuses on MS research | Ontario ramps up electronic health records use (December 2013)Summits reaffirms drug-free chiropractic | New research chair to focus on MSK | Safer alternative for pain management (November 2013)Chronic disease in older workers | How to beat a bad economy | The other side of accountability (November 2013)One on one with Kinesio Tape founder | OCA has new president | Root cause of foot drop (November 2013)Helping runners return to full training | Quantifying back pain | Medical images aid research (November 2013)Chiropractic for successful aging | Ontario initiatives benefit chiropractic | Physical activity for disease management (October 2013)Drug prescription debate | CMCC’s first lady | Chiropractors' role in health-care reform (October 2013)Gene sequencing success | Cancer risk profiles by province | CMCC president to step down in 2014 (October 2013)Health care reform ‘disappointing’ | Video: BizTalk with Anthony Lombardi | Privacy concerns on patient data disclosure (September 2013)CCA weighs in on medical imaging spend | Debate on research risk disclosures | Study finds gender affects risk of RSI (September 2013)CMCC Special Evening Honouring Dr. Jean Moss (August 2013)Brain disease CTE hits athletes differently | Ontario invests M to reduce patient wait times (August 2013)Key decisions on asset allocation | Growing and selling an orthotic dispensing practice (August 2013)New research chair established | Improving mobility through biologic drugs (July 2013)Canadian Chiropractor gets a new look! | Tonal adjusting workshop | Uncovering back pain mechanisms (July 2013)NexySoft integrated with ImaSight | WFC honours Foot Levelers CEO | New grad package (June 2013)Register for the Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum | RCCSS(C) Fall Conference (June 2013)Vibration Plate Exercises book | Laser Therapy Symposium (May 2013)WFC top research prizes go to Canada | Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy course (May 2013)UQTR students take chiropractic to Bolivia | 'PureLove' for Boston (May 2013)Business and Professional Growth Forum | 30th Anniversary Backs in Motion (April 2013)Laser therapy symposium | FAT workshop (April 2013)YPCS presents Dr. Ted Koren | Concussion Management Conference (March 2013)Remembering Dr. John Whitney | Adapted Yoga for Back Pain (March 2013)Activator Methods training sessions | Rewarding practice opportunity! (February 2013)3rd Biennial Conference on Brain Injury in Children | Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Courses – 2013 (February 2013)The Epicurean Scholar – Events for 2013 | PatientCal online booking software (January 2013)Remembering Dr. Sid Williams | Cox Technic courses in Canada (January 2013)Laser Therapy Symposium | Parker University announces new president (December 2012)CCA Young Investigator Award | Metagenics weight loss education (November 2012)'Doctored' debuts in Canadian Theatres | Health Minister Deb Matthews at CMCC (November 2012)CMCC Practice OpportUnity 2013 | ICA to launch diplomate in upper cervical procedures (November 2012)New health-care scheduling service in Canada | FirstLine Therapy certification event in Vancouver (October 2012)Remembering Dr. Herbert Lee | Canadian Massage and Chiropractic Conference (October 2012)Thompson Technique seminars in Toronto | Prestigious NIC grant awarded to CMCC (September 2012)The Life West 33-City Tour  | TRT seminar in Toronto (August 2012)Canadian Massage and Chiropractic Conference | Epicurean Scholar invites DCs to Niagara-on-the-Lake (August 2012)Partnership: Living the truth (July 2012)2012 B.C. Chiropractic Convention | Activator and Foot Levelers team up (July 2012)World Spine Day | Canada’s Second Annual Chiropractic Specialty Conference (July 2012)Dr. Allan Gotlib Appointed to the Order of Canada (July 2012)NUHS president to retire | DC's solution for sedentary lifestyle (June 2012)Study favours team-based care | Canadian DC in Japan (June 2012)Pathways to Practice 2012 | Foot Levelers' 60th Anniversary Seminars (June 2012)WFC’s Silver Anniversary Congress | Parker Seminars in Chicago (May 2012)Dr. Craig Liebenson seminar in P.E.I. | Dr. Hammerich speaks to AFAF about chiropractic (May 2012)Dr. Mancini to appear on 'The Doctors' | NUHS treating hospital patients with acupuncture (April 2012)TRT seminars in Edmonton | Research article by DC accepted at international scoliosis conference (April 2012)Chiropractic message on Dr. Phil show | Registration now open for Innovations in Laser Therapy (March 2012)CAC Spring Con' 12 | Life West Golf for Research event (March 2012)27th annual Backs in Motion | 9th annual RCCSS(C) conference (February 2012)Articulation agreement between CMCC and UOIT | WCCS invites Canadian Chiropractic Students (February 2012)Chiropractic Under the African Sun | Chiropractic for the World headed to Africa in 2012 (January 2012)Clinical study at NHSU | Acupuncture conference in Toronto (January 2012)Dr. Dan Murphy to present in Vancouver | Dr. Mark Erwin awarded independent research lab (December 2011)

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