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CCA strengthens vaccine position statementDecember 9, 2019Regulatory boards cut in healthcare?December 2, 2019Electronic health data: Understanding the different records, systems and how they connectNovember 25, 2019Men and women perceive their own health differentlyNovember 18, 2019Kinesiophobia in chronic MSK painNovember 11, 2019Should you consider a franchise?November 4, 2019Chiropractic care for back pain tied to lower odds of opioid useOctober 28, 2019A conversation with Dr. Paul Holtom – 97 years youngOctober 21, 2019First impressions: Do you have a good handshake?October 15, 2019Case Study: Complex Regional Pain SyndromeOctober 7, 2019Our skulls are out-evolving us | What gets measured gets improvedSeptember 30, 2019Results of the Chiropractic Trends Survey releasedSeptember 23, 2019How technology is transforming chiropractic careSeptember 16, 2019Postural instability in older adults with neck painSeptember 9, 2019Self-administered acupressure could help lower back painSeptember 3, 2019Chiropractors: Don't blame mistakes on someone else!August 26, 2019Clinical notes: What to write down when there’s nothing to sayAugust 19, 2019A chiropractor’s perspective on Lyme diseaseAugust 12, 2019A look at the role of anti-inflammatory nutritionAugust 6, 2019Chiropractors serving seniors in the “age-well” movementJuly 29, 2019Pain after surgery: Addressing emotional trauma during recoveryJuly 22, 2019Impact of spinal manipulation on migraine pain & disabilityJuly 15, 2019New approaches for patients with complex back and leg painJuly 8, 2019Study links triclosan to human bone health | Help with new tax changesJuly 2, 20195 keys to becoming a valuable associateJune 24, 2019Becoming a purpose-driven business is good businessJune 17, 2019Does "chiropractic" need to change?June 10, 2019Life expectancy in Canada down due to opioid crisisJune 3, 2019Palliative care needs set to double | Trends Survey Launch!May 27, 2019Is your heart in it? Understanding the state of flow in practiceMay 21, 2019Reframing pain: Developing a healthy narrative for patientsMay 13, 2019Recoding the brain: help for dementiaMay 6, 2019Which car crashes cause traumatic brain injury?April 29, 2019Here's why you should be collaborating with other HCPsApril 22, 2019Active lifestyles may help nerves to heal after spinal injuriesApril 15, 2019Information for aspiring sports chiropractorsApril 8, 2019Positive effects for children and families in TanzaniaApril 1, 2019How an office job affects metabolismMarch 25, 2019Combining X-ray and virtual reality | Ending the patient-practitioner relationshipMarch 18, 20194 reasons why you should integrate shockwave therapy into your practiceMarch 11, 2019Chiropractic is improving fragmented back pain careMarch 4, 2019The best way to respond to negative reviewsFebruary 25, 2019Role of chiropractic in rehab and prehabFebruary 19, 2019How a golf swing can lead to early lumbar degenerationFebruary 11, 2019Re-write the textbooks? | Pain taken less seriously in girlsFebruary 4, 2019Research review: A look at the STarT Back ToolJanuary 28, 2019Athletes should build neck strength to avoid concussionsJanuary 21, 2019Opportunities and misconceptions of retirement planning for chiropractorsJanuary 14, 2019Harnessing heart rate variabilityJanuary 7, 2019Reviewing ethical business practicesDecember 17, 2018Could an at-home clinic work for you?December 10, 20183 simple ways to get your clinic to stand out and thrive.December 3, 2018Are you leaking your patient's health care data?November 26, 2018Joint mobilization plus exercise to treat knee osteoarthritisNovember 19, 2018New test to measure painNovember 12, 2018Targeted neurotechnology restores walking in humans with spinal cord injuryNovember 5, 2018Chiropractors get top marks for patient satisfactionOctober 29, 2018Neural tissue management in MSK painOctober 22, 2018Sharing for #WorldSpineDay – Join us!October 17, 2018Is this the solution to work-life balance?October 16, 2018Set yourself up for success: Advice from the frontlinesOctober 9, 2018Enhancing the cervical curve in the age of textingOctober 1, 2018Get better outcomes with this report of findings templateSeptember 17, 2018: Is it better to study chiro abroad?September 10, 2018What is your role as a chiropractor worth?September 4, 2018The results are in…August 27, 2018FYI, Cannabis is not a cure-allAugust 20, 2018This is the best way to document the history of a patient's chief complaintAugust 13, 2018Obesity bias common among chiropractic students and facultyAugust 7, 2018What are the risks? Chiropractic and risk for lumbar disc herniationJuly 30, 2018Increase your earnings with passive incomeJuly 23, 2018Where’s chiropractic within a National Pain Strategy?July 16, 2018Co-management of temporomandibular disorders and orofacial painJuly 9, 2018'Maximal' running shoes may increase injury riskJuly 3, 2018Co-management of TMD and orofacial painJune 25, 2018Build your practice with functional musculoskeletal assessmentJune 18, 2018What you should know about functional neuromodulation techniquesJune 11, 2018Managing headaches: what the research saysJune 4, 2018Improve your online reputation in 4 stepsMay 28, 20182018 Chiropractic Trends Survey is here!May 22, 2018Helping patients by assessing the neurofunctional contributors to painMay 14, 2018Are you protecting your patient data?May 7, 2018System makes back surgery safer, faster, less expensiveApril 30, 2018Using X-rays in your practiceApril 23, 2018Criminal probe of opioid manufacturersApril 16, 2018Incorporating neuroreality into your practiceApril 2, 2018Why doesn’t Canada have a national pain strategy?March 26, 2018Portable imaging for concussion diagnosis; Biopsychosocial aspect of painMarch 19, 2018Helmets reduce risk of cervical spine injury | Insurers getting into care, is it good for patients?March 12, 2018Officials turn to acupuncture as opioid alternative | Business case for accessibilityFebruary 26, 2018Medical pot option on group benefits | Guideline urges docs to think twice before prescribing marijuanaFebruary 20, 201810 heart health facts women should know | Treating depression may curb opioid dependence | Town doctorsFebruary 12, 2018Marijuana labeling; Tissue engineering for less invasive bone procedures; Making associate agreements workFebruary 5, 2018Key to preventing back pain in runners | Weight loss linked to pain reductionJanuary 22, 2018Study on needle use in spinal tap procedure | Pain advocate calls for services beyond just opioidsJanuary 15, 2018Muscle paralysis may hasten bone loss | Opioid deaths to hit 4000 in 2017 | Opioid in vending machinesJanuary 8, 20182017 Newsmakers: The year’s top stories on Canadian ChiropractorJanuary 2, 20182018 health care trends | Specialist wait times up in Canada | Making collaborative care happenDecember 11, 2017Q&A with Dr. Bennet Omalu | Putting shoe orthotics to the test | Register for webinar with Dr. Ted CarrickDecember 4, 2017Motorcycle crash injuries more costly; The high road; No CTE link in concussion, CFL commissioner saysNovember 27, 2017242 billion health spending forecast; Cannabis-focused research centre; No difference between opioid, non-opioid for pain reliefNovember 13, 2017Task force to end B.C.’s health plan premiums; Paralyzed patient regains motor function, study saysNovember 6, 2017Exercise guide for people with spinal cord injuries; Brain changes persist months after concussionOctober 30, 2017Patients overestimate pain; Training future health practitioners on Indigenous careOctober 23, 2017Electronic health record error; Restoring movement after paralysis; Bananas for healthy arteriesOctober 16, 2017Interview with Dr. Ted Carrick; Building successful multidiscipline clinic; Heartbreaking hockeyOctober 10, 2017Diagnosing CTE in life; Money in your practice; Build a thriving referral practiceOctober 2, 2017Investigating effects of adjustment on the brain; Activating the brain; Body clock, gut bacteria linked to weight gainSeptember 25, 2017Electric stimulation improves function in paralyzed patients; 2800 deaths linked to opioid; Clinical guideline for evaluating neck massSeptember 18, 2017Orthotics plus chiropractic for back pain; Study looks at garlic effect on hypertension; Montreal scientists pursue ‘open science’September 5, 2017Highlights from 2017 Chiro Survey; Wearable tech prevents low-back pain; Essentials of good record-keepingAugust 28, 2017Hamstring injuries explained; Athletes mull over changes to doping landscape with weed legalizationAugust 21, 2017Bill 87 could impact patient care; Ontario launches online wait times tool; Working with the back-pained patientAugust 14, 2017Non-LCD screens help reduce PCS symptoms | Toronto’s opioid crisis wakeup call | Baby boomers least likely to adopt digital health techJuly 31, 2017UNB welcomes new chiropractic research chair | West Nile warning in Saskatchewan | CTE found in deceased CFL player’s brainJuly 24, 20176 risks to healthy retirement; New app rewards healthy behaviour; A century of growth in AlbertaJuly 10, 2017Benefits of employee departure | Canadians leaving country for medical treatment | Effects of light on migraine sufferersJuly 4, 2017Doctor inventor | Opioid abuse after surgery | All the fuss about exogenous ketonesJune 19, 2017Latest data on opioid deaths; Chiropractic in pro sports; Holistic approach to multidisciplinary practiceJune 12, 2017Manitoba cuts funding for chiropractic services | Have you taken the Canadian Chiropractor survey yet? | Trudeau on opioid crisisJune 5, 2017Canadian Chiropractor Practice Trends Survey | PEMF study on osteoarthritis | Health care integration needed in AlbertaMay 29, 2017Ancient fossil reveals origins of human spine | Fentanyl overdoses rise in Alberta | New health care wait times studyMay 23, 2017Alberta chiropractic’s centennial | Myodural Bridge in the upper cervical spine | Personal injury 101 for health care providersMay 15, 2017JAMA report on spinal manipulation | Rehab therapy? There’s an app for that | Mayors call for national standard on overdose dataApril 24, 2017JAMA report on spinal manipulation | Rehab therapy? There’s an app for that | Mayors call for national standard on overdose dataApril 17, 2017Obesity may lower pain threshold; Research review on stability balls; Alberta chiropractic marks 100 yearsMarch 27, 2017Spinal injury patients face many health problems | Nova Scotia increase mental health services | Canadian scientists join Zika researchMarch 20, 2017Study on rearfoot strike runners | Ice fishing risk of MSK injuries | Yogurt for depressionMarch 13, 2017Alberta doctor regulator’s new opioid-prescribing rules | How to use LinkedIn to boost profile | Tattoo artist’s job a pain in the neckMarch 6, 2017Strength, speed affect knee osteoarthritis | Too much tech impedes patient careFebruary 27, 2017Clinical guideline on non-drug treatment for low back pain | Some topical analgesics may cause burns | B.C., Ottawa health agreementFebruary 21, 2017CCA backs new opioid prescribing guidelines | Catching the elusive patient referral | Partners in healthFebruary 6, 2017Using MRI to study TENS effect on brain | Balanced practice | Top Canadian athletes on chiropractic careJanuary 30, 2017Move health research to community | Band-Aids just don’t cut it | Exercise can slow aging process in seniorsJanuary 23, 2017Five steps to hiring the best staff | The good, bad and unknown about medical marijuana | Chiros give kids a sporting chanceJanuary 16, 2017Shoulder pain linked to heart disease risk; Exercise may help manage celiac disease; Light exercise after concussionJanuary 9, 2017Backtrack: Top stories of 2016January 2, 2017Tech trends of 2017 | Update from the guidelines front | Making health care accessibleDecember 19, 2016Chiropractic first | Non-drug options for dizziness reviewed | Where chiropractic might be headedDecember 12, 2016Space travel is backbreaking work | Bad habits are bad for arthritis | Nova Scotia docs probed for unusual opioid prescribingNovember 28, 2016Making the chiropractic business case through big data | Educators discuss future of professionOctober 24, 2016Conversation with Andre De Grasse | Exercising in anger may trigger heart attack | It’s Healthy Workplace MonthOctober 17, 2016Testosterone effect on knee injury rates | Studies highlight importance of kids’ physical activity | Creating Canadian pain research agendaSeptember 26, 2016Does chronic pain run in the family? Alberta college seeks feedback on draft opioid prescribing rules | Nominations open for OCA AwardsSeptember 12, 2016Link between anxiety, chronic pain | New Zika complication reportedSeptember 6, 2016Better outcomes with team-based care | Ins and outs of buying a practice | B.C.’s failed health care experimentAugust 22, 2016Gender differences and risks of MSK | New treatment for low back pain | Validating clinical tests for lumbar instabilityAugust 15, 2016DCs living the Olympic dream | Researchers publish guidelines for managing spinal pain | Civil servants love to “sit-stand”August 8, 2016Evidence on acupuncture | B.C.’s opioid crisis | Why evidence-based practice is not always practicalAugust 2, 2016Survey says | New model predicts spinal surgery complications | Emergency room 911July 25, 2016Report calls for review of new model for health accord | Youth and mental health | Young females at greater risk for ACL re-tearJuly 11, 2016CMCC expands collaborative efforts to Denmark | Time to shift from pain-based to wellness-based marketingJuly 4, 2016Scoliosis linked to disruptions in spinal fluid flow | Researchers cast doubt on Vitamin D supplementsJune 20, 2016Who wants to be a millionaire? | Mental health and patient privacy | Demise of the ‘associateship’ modelJune 13, 2016Chiros offer free care for homeless | Report on health care spending | Increasing your numbersJune 6, 2016Self-care yields better chronic pain outcome | Health maintenance care in work-related LBP | A look at magnesiumMay 30, 2016Spine IQ LBP registry gets approval | Exercise, more than diet, key to obesity preventionMay 24, 201610 things to consider about potential clinic space | A look at spinal disorders | Estate planningMay 16, 2016Shining light on chronic pain | A crisis of princely proportions | Business case for patient-centric franchiseMay 2, 20165 things to look out for in professional office lease | Huge global exercise contest shows healthy potential | What you need to know about ZikaApril 16, 20165 things to look out for in professional office lease | Huge global exercise contest shows healthy potential | What you need to know about ZikaApril 11, 2016Vibration tech offers alternative to MRI | Patient-focused chronic disease research gets funding | Raise your social media hypeApril 4, 2016 Equipment leasing 101 | Surviving decades of full contact chiropractic | There’s no such thing as non-specific back pain (March 2016)True dangers of concussion, CTE misunderstood | Ontario health care system overhaul | Featuring some of Canada’s most inspiring DCs (March 2016)No such thing as ‘non-specific back pain’ | B.C. legislation changes to help seniors | Predictive tool aids concussion management (March 2016)EDS, rare diseases focus of planned clinic in Ontario | High levels of intense exercise may be unhealthy for the heart (March 2016)Meditation helps low-back pain | Stakeholders’ feedback on clinic regulation | Get your startup practice on the right track (February 2016)Wearable robotic for MS patients | Depression among injured workers | Minding the research-practice gap (February 2016)Chiropractic care not likely to cause stroke: study | .4M to combat prescription drug abuse | Outlook on chiropractic (February 2016)NFL players question team’s attitude on health | Changing athletes’ perception of concussion | 5 ways to increase social media engagement (February 2016)Mental health first aid training | Let’s talk about mental health | 7 tips to get your clinic blog up and running (February 2016)5 endangered communications skills you should master | Creating revenue through patient-centred care (January 2016)New tech promises less surgeries for scoliosis | Low vitamin D may increase risk of stress fractures (January 2016)10 tips for happier New Year | Bone fractures and chronic pain | Fast facts on shockwave therapy (January 2016)Death of timely health care in Canada | Is sitting the new smoking | Pay attention to your restroom (January 2016)YEAR-END REVIEW: The Top 5 stories on Canadian Chiropractor in 2015 (December 2015)New committee to examine youth concussions | Polling patients | Ontario’s first patient ombudsman (December 2015)DC takes on TV as Doctor Pain | Prepare your practice for the moment of truth | Provinces ill-prepared for aging population (December 2015)Ontario introduces concussion bill | Online reviews for chiropractic software | Supporting employee health (November 2015)Muscle loss among elderly | Canadian universities get ALS research funding for ALS | New concussion study (November 2015)CCO launches consultation on clinic regulation | Ontario worst place to get quick doctor appointment | Resistance training helps prevent MSDs (November 2015)Education key to health care collaboration | Saskatchewan legislation on private MRIs | Exercise helps reduce MSK pain, aid mobility in seniors (November 2015)New guidelines to enhance medical test accuracy | Dalhousie research shows promise for ALS patients | 10 steps to protect against insurance fraud (November 2015)Processed meat linked to cancers | brain receptors increase pain resilience | Twisted taping techniques (October 2015)Treatment, management options for foot conditions | Depression often goes unrecognized, says study | Class action for fractured him implant (October 2015)Manual therapy for midfoot pain | Why is health care absent in federal election debates | Dynamic braces for kids with scoliosis (October 2015)Your Canadian Chiropractor October 2015 digital edition is ready (October 2015)2015-09-28 (September 2015)Research on effects of standing to low back pain risk | Information therapy | Why running makes people happy (September 2015)Acupuncture benefits for hypertension | How money makes your world go round | Quality care through evidence-based practice (September 2015)Spinal arthritis patients at higher risk of stroke; Call for presentations on MSD; DCs offer take on laser therapy (August 2015)B.C. ramps up plan for new chiropractic school | Men more likely to die of opioid use | 11 factors that affect true value of practice (August 2015)The Pan Am experience | The public health risk of keeping up with the Kardashians | Four things everyone should know about autism (August 2015)Regulatory amendments target prescription drug abuse; Employers want better reporting on health benefits; Non-invasive therapy for spinal cord injury (August 2015)Research finds ways for better back pain management | Oxycodone prescribing down, but abuse death on rise | Health is more than body size (August 2015)Beet juice for exercise endurance | Building a reproducible practice | DC on ice (July 2015)Health Canada’s anti-drug abuse ads | Value of specialty designations | Strength training versus stretching (July 2015)DCs get their game on at Pan Am Games 2015 | NBA’s research agenda for injury prevention | You’re hired, you’re fired (July 2015)Do you know an exceptional chiropractor? | Surefire tips to optimize your website | Gender differences in pain processing (July 2015)Managing heat stress in layers | Feds deny report proposed trade deal would destabilize supply management (June 2015)Spinal cord stimulation outcomes | Back pain in younger men | Fostering lifelong care (June 2015)5 days left to register for Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum | Five steps to a happier business (June 2015)Forum focuses on practice success, sustainability | New clinician tool for managing risks for chronic pain | 5 myths about care for children (June 2015)Business Forum highlights practice building | Fibromyalgia origins | Concussion and brain changes (May 2015)Ontario’s LBP strategy to be discussed at Business Forum | Stem cell study for spinal cord injuries | Giving Ontarians bigger say in health care (May 2015)WHO helps Nepal quake victims with spinal cord injuries | Facts on facet | Lead patients to your clinic (May 2015)WHO helps Nepal quake victims with spinal cord injuries | Facts on facet | Lead patients to your clinic (May 2015)Chimpanzees may hold answers to back pain | Knuckle cracking explained | Do we really need you here? (May 2015)Chiropractic advocates urge good posture with use of digital devices | Health minister on Vancouver pot shops | High-tech care (April 2015)One week left to register for Vancouver Business Forum | Better health care for Ontarians | Chiropractic for pregnancy-related back pain (April 2015)2 weeks left to register for the Vancouver Business Forum | 3 steps to a more focused practice | Avoid perils of business disruptions (April 2015) M funding for naturopathic cancer treatment research | The aging spine | 3 weeks left to register for Business Forum (April 2015)CMCC offers mental health support for staff, faculty | New book on fascia (March 2015)CMCC offers mental health support for staff, faculty | New book on fascia (March 2015)Study finds low-risk of stroke after spinal manipulation | Vets turning to medical pot for chronic pain (March 2015)Eliminating MRI wait list | Rainbow plates for healthy eating | Managing patient complaints (March 2015)Saskatchewan’s long wait times for surgery | Thinking win-win | Business merger matters (March 2015)Keys to implementing EMR system | Deceased athlete donates brain to concussion research | Improving CES diagnosis (March 2015)Chiropractic boosts muscle function, prevent fatigue | Children’s use of alternative health care rising | Doctors tap fitness apps for patient care (February 2015)Five challenges for bending the health-care cost curve | Global perspectives on functional assessment | Wellness practice (February 2015)Top trends in chiropractic practice | Supreme Court makes historic ruling | Health cost increases expected to slow (February 2015)Canadian seniors face longer wait times for care | B.C. chiropractor’s whale spine display | 5 blogging tips for chiropractors (February 2015)Excessive sitting linked to chronic diseases | Preventative health-care | Concussions and the neck effect (January 2015)Patient-centred pain management | Mind your own business | World-class health care (January 2015)When concussions come knocking | Join the wellness revolution | Technology aims for large-scale chiropractic database (January 2015)Top trends in healthy eating for 2015 | Clinical primer on concussion | Consultation on chiropody, podiatry regulation (January 2015)CMCC, U of T sign collaboration deal | On-the-job resistance training combats MSD (December 2014)Vitamin D for chronic pain | Stressing out cancer cells | Concussion rising among Ontario youth (December 2014).3M for new low back pain strategy |  Canadians' vitamin D deficiency | 5 ways to manage life, practice in the holidays (December 2014)Trading speed for service | Canadian seniors leaving the city life | State of health care in Ontario (November 2014)Smoking leads to back pain | Judge rules on cancer treatment option for aboriginal girl | New research award launched (November 2014)Wickes outlines priorities as CMCC president | Why you need a succession plan (November 2014)Cervical spine therapy for concussion | 2014 health-care spending | Non-competion agreements (November 2014)Exploring sports chiropractic | The value of re-evaluation | 0K grant for research in veterans care (October 2014)Research on gender differences in injury, health risks | MSDs in decline; Developing brand champions (October 2014)Increasing access to spinal care | Mental health at work | WorkSafeBC consultation on plantar fasciitis (October 2014)Harmful behaviours linked to concussion | Creating revenue through patient-centred approach (October 2014)On-site chiropractic care equals lower health-care costs | Drugging seniors in nursing homes not a solution (September 2014)Effects of medicines on children | National consultation on health-care innovation | Nutrition intervention (September 2014)When sex is a pain in the back | High-dose opioid prescription rising | Anatomy of a start-up clinic (September 2014)Addressing sports concussion in youth | Burden of opportunity | Low-carb or low-fat? (September 2014)Stem cell helps patient with rare condition | Ice bucket challenge game changer for non-profit (September 2014)New report on concussion management | Feds want stronger warning labels on opioids | Patients turning into addicts (August 2014)Exploring risk management | ICA review of scientific studies highlights chiropractic safety | Treating athletes (August 2014)Veterinary chiropractic offers new practice opportunities | WHO declares Ebola spread international emergency | Practice excellence (August 2014)Delicate art of patient billing | Risk assessment for your practice | Recipe for practice success (August 2014)Acetaminophen no effect on back pain | Crowdsourcing for chiropractic outreach | Teen drug use on the rise (July 2014)Video explores world of veterinary chiropractic | Cost-benefit of early chiropractic intervention (July 2014)Putting a price tag on health care | How to raise your community profile | Winnipeg chiropractor is new WFC president (July 2014)Ottawa creates panel on health care innovation | B.C. funds researchers' business, science skills (June 2014)Most children’s medication not been adequately studied | Medical side of major sport events (June 2014)Forum gives chiropractors dose of business savvy | Study on arthritis sufferers (June 2014)Shining the spotlight on chiropractic heroes | Vitamin D helps manage chronic conditions | Power of incorporation (June 2014)Liberals, Conservatives make case for health care | Alberta focuses on wellness (June 2014)Canadian kids' lag behind global pack | Parker University takes care of business | Get your message to the masses (May 2014)Raise the chiropractic profile in your community | Study on wait times, female death rates | Drug-free pain relief (May 2014)CMCC has new college president | Chiropractor riding for youth mental health | Maximizing initial patient experience (May 2014)Alberta earmarks M for new family care clinics | Gender-sensitive lab rodents | Global children's nutrition drive (May 2014)ICA seeks Forbes apology | Chiropractors as primary spine care providers | Improve your practice visibility online (April 2014)Top tips for successful foreign practice | Health-care spend on the rise | Drug-free approach to pregnancy care (April 2014)Three mistakes to avoid in practice | Cash flow for success | Spotlight on chiropractic in the global scene (April 2014)Top tips for successful foreign practice | Health-care spend on the rise | Drug-free approach to pregnancy care (April 2014)Adjusting the world | Employee health gains from onsite chiropractic | Stem cell study shows promise (April 2014)Chiropractic care for managing ADHD symptoms | Study probes exercise for low back pain (March 2014)Chiropractic for aging population | New book on personalized health care approach (March 2014)Conditioned pain modulation study | Practice by design | Headband for migraines (March 2014)Study of ex-hockey players’ brains gets funding | M support for spinal cord research (March 2014)Federal funding for collaborative health care study | Participatory ergonomics | Disparities in cancer control (March 2014)Chiropractors offer newbies practice tips | Alberta town wants more doctors (February 2014)Chiropractors moving to mainstream | Global database for pain management | Investing in yourself (February 2014)DCs help Olympic athletes in Sochi | Improving workplace disability policies | Alberta seeks comments on health act (February 2014)Comparing Canadian, U.S. health care | Low patient uptake leads to unsuccessful trials | New exec at Parker Professional (February 2014)The pulse on laser | Taking injury treatment to new level | Restaurants roll out Informed Dining program (January 2014)Survey aims to close research-practice gap | Report on Canadian health-care experiences | New book on nutrition (January 2014)'Social movement' for chiropractors | Getting to the point | Systematic reviews on back pain (January 2014)Life to the fullest | Caring for children | Taking patient care beyond borders (January 2014)Embracing integrated health care | Implant helps motor skills | CCE gets 3-year nod (December 2013)Avoiding year-end tax trap | CMCC’s search for next president | Arm squeezing probes pain origin (December 2013)Antibiotic treatment for low-back pain | Alberta focuses on MS research | Ontario ramps up electronic health records use (December 2013)Summits reaffirms drug-free chiropractic | New research chair to focus on MSK | Safer alternative for pain management (November 2013)Chronic disease in older workers | How to beat a bad economy | The other side of accountability (November 2013)One on one with Kinesio Tape founder | OCA has new president | Root cause of foot drop (November 2013)Helping runners return to full training | Quantifying back pain | Medical images aid research (November 2013)Chiropractic for successful aging | Ontario initiatives benefit chiropractic | Physical activity for disease management (October 2013)Drug prescription debate | CMCC’s first lady | Chiropractors' role in health-care reform (October 2013)Gene sequencing success | Cancer risk profiles by province | CMCC president to step down in 2014 (October 2013)Health care reform ‘disappointing’ | Video: BizTalk with Anthony Lombardi | Privacy concerns on patient data disclosure (September 2013)CCA weighs in on medical imaging spend | Debate on research risk disclosures | Study finds gender affects risk of RSI (September 2013)CMCC Special Evening Honouring Dr. Jean Moss (August 2013)Brain disease CTE hits athletes differently | Ontario invests M to reduce patient wait times (August 2013)Key decisions on asset allocation | Growing and selling an orthotic dispensing practice (August 2013)New research chair established | Improving mobility through biologic drugs (July 2013)Canadian Chiropractor gets a new look! | Tonal adjusting workshop | Uncovering back pain mechanisms (July 2013)NexySoft integrated with ImaSight | WFC honours Foot Levelers CEO | New grad package (June 2013)Register for the Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum | RCCSS(C) Fall Conference (June 2013)Vibration Plate Exercises book | Laser Therapy Symposium (May 2013)WFC top research prizes go to Canada | Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy course (May 2013)UQTR students take chiropractic to Bolivia | 'PureLove' for Boston (May 2013)Business and Professional Growth Forum | 30th Anniversary Backs in Motion (April 2013)Laser therapy symposium | FAT workshop (April 2013)YPCS presents Dr. Ted Koren | Concussion Management Conference (March 2013)Remembering Dr. John Whitney | Adapted Yoga for Back Pain (March 2013)Activator Methods training sessions | Rewarding practice opportunity! (February 2013)3rd Biennial Conference on Brain Injury in Children | Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Courses – 2013 (February 2013)The Epicurean Scholar – Events for 2013 | PatientCal online booking software (January 2013)Remembering Dr. Sid Williams | Cox Technic courses in Canada (January 2013)Laser Therapy Symposium | Parker University announces new president (December 2012)CCA Young Investigator Award | Metagenics weight loss education (November 2012)'Doctored' debuts in Canadian Theatres | Health Minister Deb Matthews at CMCC (November 2012)CMCC Practice OpportUnity 2013 | ICA to launch diplomate in upper cervical procedures (November 2012)New health-care scheduling service in Canada | FirstLine Therapy certification event in Vancouver (October 2012)Remembering Dr. Herbert Lee | Canadian Massage and Chiropractic Conference (October 2012)Thompson Technique seminars in Toronto | Prestigious NIC grant awarded to CMCC (September 2012)The Life West 33-City Tour  | TRT seminar in Toronto (August 2012)Canadian Massage and Chiropractic Conference | Epicurean Scholar invites DCs to Niagara-on-the-Lake (August 2012)Partnership: Living the truth (July 2012)2012 B.C. Chiropractic Convention | Activator and Foot Levelers team up (July 2012)World Spine Day | Canada’s Second Annual Chiropractic Specialty Conference (July 2012)Dr. Allan Gotlib Appointed to the Order of Canada (July 2012)NUHS president to retire | DC's solution for sedentary lifestyle (June 2012)Study favours team-based care | Canadian DC in Japan (June 2012)Pathways to Practice 2012 | Foot Levelers' 60th Anniversary Seminars (June 2012)WFC’s Silver Anniversary Congress | Parker Seminars in Chicago (May 2012)Dr. Craig Liebenson seminar in P.E.I. | Dr. Hammerich speaks to AFAF about chiropractic (May 2012)Dr. Mancini to appear on 'The Doctors' | NUHS treating hospital patients with acupuncture (April 2012)TRT seminars in Edmonton | Research article by DC accepted at international scoliosis conference (April 2012)Chiropractic message on Dr. Phil show | Registration now open for Innovations in Laser Therapy (March 2012)CAC Spring Con' 12 | Life West Golf for Research event (March 2012)27th annual Backs in Motion | 9th annual RCCSS(C) conference (February 2012)Articulation agreement between CMCC and UOIT | WCCS invites Canadian Chiropractic Students (February 2012)Chiropractic Under the African Sun | Chiropractic for the World headed to Africa in 2012 (January 2012)Clinical study at NHSU | Acupuncture conference in Toronto (January 2012)Dr. Dan Murphy to present in Vancouver | Dr. Mark Erwin awarded independent research lab (December 2011)

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