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Canadian Chiropractor
More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events January 27, 2012
Chiropractic Under the African Sun
The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) cordially invite Canadian DCs to join colleagues, educators and friends from around the world at the WFC’s 12th Biennial Congress to be held at the International Convention Centre in Durban, South Africa, April 10-13, 2013.
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PROtherapies Supplements for the Chiropractic Profession
PROtherapies, a professionally formulated line of supplements, was unveiled at Parker Seminars 2012 in Las Vegas. Composed of 13 natural-source formulas, the PROtherapies line will help chiropractic professionals balance the physical, biochemical and nutritional needs of their patients.
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The Well-Adjusted Soul Annex Bookstore
Feel-good stories from a chiropractic professional

In The Well-Adjusted Soul, you will read real-life testimonials from those who have experienced chiropractic firsthand: people who suffered and found no one to help them; people with serious health challenges and without hope until they discovered the wonderful effects of chiropractic care. These people come from all walks of life: real people, sick and suffering, who share their journeys of health and recovery.

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How I got my Wiggle Back New book gives chiropractic wiggle room
How I Got My Wiggle Back – A Memoir of Healing is the personal story of Anthony Field, founder and costar of the world's most popular children's musical group, The Wiggles, and how chiropractic saved his career and, he says, his life.
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Chiropractic for the World headed to Africa in 2012
Chiropractic for the World, a registered charity dedicated to affecting the health of each individual by bringing chiropractic to peoples around the globe, is planning two mission trips to Africa in 2012.
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