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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events February 22, 2013
Douglas Labs chosen as number one!
Douglas Laboratories has been named the number one healthcare practitioner brand in the United States for consumer satisfaction based on the 2013 Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users.
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Activator Methods training sessions
On April 20 and 21, 2013, Activator Methods will bring the latest in chiropractic innovation, including the Activator V, to the United Kingdom.
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Feel-good stories from a Chiropractic professional

In The Well-Adjusted Soul, you will read real-life testimonials from those who have experienced chiropractic firsthand: people who suffered and found no one to help them; people with serious health challenges and without hope until they discovered the wonderful effects of chiropractic care.

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Rewarding practice opportunity!
Are you a dedicated chiropractor looking for a rewarding practice opportunity? Join a recognized leader in healthcare at SPINEgroup in Vaughan, Ont.
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Human Touch returns to Canada
Human Touch, manufacturer of massage chairs, Perfect Chair Recliners, and other wellness solutions, is pleased to announce the return of their products to Canada through Better Distribution.
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Continuing education seminars in Ottawa, Ont.
Body Work Seminars is bringing some highly noted speakers to Ottawa. DCs, physiotherapists, RMTs and other health care practitioners from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec can receive continuing education closer to home.
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