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Canadian Chiropractor
More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events July 12, 2013
Canadian Chiropractor gets a new look!
Canadian Chiropractor may look a little different the next time it hits your mailbox. We're debuting a sleek, re-designed look in our July/August issue!
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Tonal adjusting workshop
Dr. Steve Hoffman will deliver his MC2 tonal, instrument-assisted adjusting program later this month in Hamilton, Ont.
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The Well-Adjusted Soul

Millions of people every year experience the benefits of Chiropractic's natural approach to health and wellbeing. Science has shown that the human body is designed to function optimally, self regulate, and heal. This is the premise that Chiropractic adopted since its inception as a healthcare discipline in 1895.

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Uncovering back pain mechanisms
Dr. Greg Kawchuk is using a flight simulator to assist in recreating "real life" conditions in the laboratory that may be responsible for back pain.
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Big donation for F4CP
Dietary supplement company Dee Cee Laboratories has pledged $100,000 in support of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP).
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