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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events October 15, 2013
Chiropractors divided on issue of drug prescription rights
There is a battle brewing south of the border and it’s essentially pitting chiropractors against each other – with one side pushing for drug prescription rights for chiropractors and the other side fighting to keep drugs out of the practice.
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First lady: Profiling the woman at the helm of the CMCC
Building on the foundations laid by those who initiated the profession, Dr. Jean Moss, president of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, has advocated for innovative, if challenging, directions for chiropractic.
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Provincial, territorial ministers meet on strategies to improve health-care
Provincial and territorial health and wellness ministers are collaborating more than ever to improve the health of all Canadians by strengthening the quality of health-care delivery and focusing on preventative care. Ministers have expressed commitment to improving care for patients and their families, based on evidence and best value for taxpayer dollars.
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Blog: Chiropractic community must be a bigger voice in health-care reform talks
The Health Council of Canada has released its latest report on a decade of health-care reform in Canada. The results, according to the agency, are disappointing.
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Video: BizTal Episode 2 – The story of Ferdinand
Dr. Anthony Lombardi talks about the power of following your dreams through the story of a man who never gave up on his dreams and became the founder of one of the most successful brands in the world.
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