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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events November 4, 2013
Chiropractic care helps runners return to full training
For every overuse injury, the formula that caused the injury is fairly standard. The runner did not rest enough between sessions to allow the tissue to heal itself and let the benefit of the training effects on the body to kick in. Here’s what every sport chiropractor would like their injury-prone runners to know.
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Quantifying back pain for optimal clinical outcomes
Measuring pain has always been a subjective process with a high degree of variability. Understanding how patients perceive their pain and how that pain affects their daily life helps a practitioner determine appropriate treatment plan.
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Rise in U.S. spinal surgeries sparks call for non-invasive back pain approach
The American Chiropractic Association (ACA), in response to a recent government report and articles questioning the rise in spinal fusion surgeries in the United States, has urged patients and health-care providers to consider the benefits of a more conservative approach to back pain.
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Expert cites potential of medical images for scientific research
A Canadian expert is suggesting scientists are missing a chance to see the big picture when it comes to medical images. He says X-rays, MRIs and CT-scans could provide a treasure trove of information if they were systematically studied.
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