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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events December 2, 2013
Research Review: Antibiotic treatment for low-back pain
This study aimed to test the efficacy of Modic antibiotic spine therapy in patients with chronic low back pain and new Modic type 1 changes in the vertebrae adjacent to a previously herniated disc.
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Multiple sclerosis research focus of new Alberta health initiative
The Alberta government has released a multiple sclerosis (MS) plan that will help improve care and support innovative research for the almost 14,000 Albertans with the disease.
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Ontario ramps up efforts to increase use of electronic health records
Ontario is making progress on its commitment to ensure every Ontarian has an electronic health record by expanding their use into 90 community-based health-care clinics, giving 500,000 patients access to an electronic health record.
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Thompson Technique for double cervical lock adjustment
A 40-year-old engineer presents to the clinic with neck pain, low back stiffness and general fatigue. He informs the doctor he has had the same job for the past 10 years, and finds himself in front of his computer for hours.
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