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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events January 13, 2014
Parker University exec calls for 'social movement' for chiropractors
The president of Dallas, Texas-based Parker University has posed a challenge to chiropractors to pursue a “social movement” that will unify doctors of chiropractic towards a common goal.
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Researchers call for increased access to full results of medical studies
About $240 billion is spent globally on medical studies each year, but only about half of the results end up being made public for use by other researchers and doctors treating patients.
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Getting to the point
Understanding the role of motor muscle inhibition in musculoskeletal injury, along with mastering the knowledge of accessing motor points, can revolutionize your practice. Making motor points a part of your regular treatment regime can help correct dysfunction and reduce motor inhibition, which can provide lasting clinical results.
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Systematic reviews build a better understanding of pain
It’s difficult for people to understand how debilitating back pain can be until they experience it. Andrea Furlan had a first-hand encounter with it last spring, and despite her many years of researching and treating the condition, the episode was eye-opening.
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