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Three mistakes to avoid in practice
Most often, all we need to do as chiropractors is to stick to the basics: communicate well, adjust efficiently and let the body take care of itself. What happens, however, when not everything goes according to plan? Following are three common mistakes that lead to patients dropping out of chiropractic care.
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BizTalk Video VIDEO: Managing cash flow for practice success
In this latest episode of BizTalk with Dr. Anthony Lombardi, he outlines the three important aspects of managing cash flow for your practice. Learn each one and how to best apply them to achieve financial success.
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Allan Freedman Canadian Chiropractor Business Forum

Risk Management: A Positive Approach to Practice – By Allan M. Freedman, LL.B.

Allan Freedman, Toronto-based lawyer and instructor at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, will help you navigate your way through the intricacies of the law and take a positive spin on risk management for your health-care practice. Allan Freedman earned his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1974 from the University of Western Ontario.

Join Allan Freedman and other excellent speakers at the upcoming Canadian Chiropractor Business and Professional Growth Forum on June 14, McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton, Ont.

Seats are limited. Click here to register.

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EDITORIAL: Spotlight on chiropractic in the global scene
Technology has broken down many barriers and connected more and more people across the globe in unprecedented ways. The idea of establishing a business in a foreign country looks more realistic today than it probably did more than a decade ago. A few chiropractors have taken on this challenge, some even setting up shop in countries where there was little to no knowledge of chiropractic.
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