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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events April 28, 2014
ICA wants Forbes apology for 'outrageous, prejudicial' article
The International Chiropractic Association (ICA) has called out as “outrageous and prejudicial” a recent Forbes magazine online article criticizing U.S. Medicare spending on chiropractors. In a letter sent to Forbes, ICA’s general legal counsel James Turner called the online article, written by Forbes contributor Steven Salzberg, arrogant and ignorant.
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OPINION: Chiropractors as primary spine care providers
There is a pressing need for the establishment and development of a primary spine care provider – a clinical specialty with advanced training in spine care, in-depth awareness of the multifactorial nature of SRDs, and ability to assist in patient-centred, rational clinical decision-making. Do chiropractors fit the bill?
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5 tips to improve your practice visibility online
Digital marketing is a term that is becoming more and more important for professional service providers such as chiropractors. It’s critical to leverage the tools and resources available to bolster your online presence, drive traffic, capture leads and generate more clients to grow your business.
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Toronto DC mentors new Vitality Academy
The Vitality Depot has recruited Dr. Nima Pardisnia as mentor for its newly launched Vitality Academy Continuing Education Program. Pardisnia holds a degree in both chiropractic and physiotherapy.
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