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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events August 5, 2014
Delicate art of patient billing
In practice, it is a good idea to have a mentor to look up to for help and guidance when approaching clinical cases. When learning how to make your money grow, it is also advisable to have mentors that allow you to expand your thinking.
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VIDEO: Risk assessment for your chiropractic practice
Toronto lawyer Allan Freedman gave attendees a dose of reality about the various risks chiropractors face in their practice and how to protect and maintain their professional integrity and keep their practice running smoothly, at the recent Canadian Chiropractor Business and Professional Growth Forum.
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The EXSTORE Assessment System is a Book/DVD set. It is a musculoskeletal assessment system which allows clinicians to functionally assess an injury in under 2 mintues without having to rely on conventional orthopedic testing or exensive diagnostic tests. It is based on pre-existing research from academic journals.

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Systematic review of studies on effects of manipulative therapy
Manipulative therapy is the subject of ongoing research investigating its effectiveness and safety. The nature of the intervention, however, presents challenges regarding blinding of study participants and introduction of a sham control group. The current review was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of manipulative therapy when compared with a "sham manipulative therapy."
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Recipe for practice success
One-on-one conversation with Dr. Ken deHaas, a successful chiropractor who became financially independent – allowing him to retire early in his career – by doing the right things in his practice.
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