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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events August 18, 2014
Are you placing your practice at risk?
Many chiropractors will tell you that operating a practice is risky. The implication revolves around patient acquisition, money management and even staff development. Yet, one of the riskiest aspects of chiropractic practice growth involves risk management.
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ICA review of scientific studies highlights chiropractic safety
The International Chiropractors Association has undertaken a review of the scientific and clinical literature addressing issues of the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments, highlighting the unique safety record enjoyed by the profession. This is especially significant in light of frequents news stories, often from less than credible sources, that seek to link chiropractic procedures with some incidence of stroke, a statement from the ICA said.
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BizTalk Episode 9 - Treating professional and amateur athletes
BizTalk with Dr. Anthony Lombardi offers business and practice management tips to help chiropractors achieve success. For chiropractors looking to expand their practice to treat athletes and athletic teams, there are various things and best practices to consider to ensure success.
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Buckle up: Trochanteric belt use for lower back support
Veteran chiropractor Dr. Henri Marcoux discusses the use of trochanteric belt for lower back support. Understanding the function of the sacro-iliac belt allows practitioners to decide which lumbar support will work best for patients.
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