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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events August 25, 2014
Report calls for comprehensive concussion management protocols
A coalition of health and sporting groups across the country is calling for Canada's athletic organizations to get more proactive about protecting participants from head injuries.
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Health minister says feds slapping stronger warning labels on opioids
The federal government is putting stronger warning labels on extended-release painkillers like OxyContin in an effort to prevent the abuse of opioids, Health Minister Rona Ambrose told the annual conference of the Canadian Medical Association last week.
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Commentary: Doctors inadvertently turning patients into addicts
In Ontario, about 10 people die accidentally from prescription opioids every week, often in the prime of life. Across Canada, overdose deaths have risen and addiction rates and demand for treatment have skyrocketed. This happened because doctors began prescribing opioids more liberally for patients with chronic pain.
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NDP attacks Tories on proposed health care cuts at CMA conference
NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is chastising the Conservatives on their proposed cuts to health care while accusing them of politicizing the debate on marijuana.
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