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More from Canadian Chiropractor | Education | Clinical | Events October 20, 2014
New research aims to identify gender differences in injury and health risks
A Toronto scientist has launched a five-year research program that aims to look at how gender-related factors affect differences in work injury risks, return-to-work and illnesses between male and female workers.
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Ontario's work-related MSDs declining: study
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are declining in Ontario along with other more traumatic job-related injuries, according to a study by the Institute for Work & Health. The study was published online this week by the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
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The not-so-sad decline of cooking from scratch
Everybody’s a critic. On the one hand, there are health experts wagging fingers at Americans and their obesity epidemic, blaming it largely on a lack of old-fashioned traditions including home-cooked meals. On the other, people occasionally do sit down to home-cooked meals – and complain about what they’re served.
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Make brand champions out of your patients
In our own practices, we must search and cultivate those patients who can become our brand champions – advocates who promote and refer your business to others. They are passionate about your brand and are active in your promotion.
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