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The Oracle Spine Model

August 13, 2013
By Canadian Chiropractor staff



Inspired and developed by Jerome Fryer, BSc DC, this new model by Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. releases an audible “crack” when the facets are manually distracted. Finally, chiropractors can demonstrate the sound of manipulation, Fryer said. 
Fryer said the new Oracle Spine Model is a perfect way to ease the fear of those patients who may be hesitant about getting their backs cracked. Features include: two-part dynamic intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus), simulated synovial fold that emits an audible sound when distracted, life-size and identically detailed L4 and L5, palpable smooth hyaline facet surfaces with one having a roughed surface, fibrillation showing the early degenerative changes of a sharp palpable osteophyte, nuclear herniation under load, and an optional detailed cauda equina.
Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. is a dynamic hands-on spine modelling company. For further information, call 250-751-0897 or visit
Video demonstration of the Oracle Spine Model